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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)


I, PATRICIA I., upon a rigorous consideration and with the intention to implement the principles of Women's Supremacy into the virtual and real world, I establish the Empire where Women will rule.

This Empire will be named WOMANIA EMPIRE


I hereby proclaim myself the Ruler of Womania Empire with the title of Empress.


Let the Womania Empire unite all the devotees and followers of the Ultra-Matriarchal Basic Principles and give space to the creation and development of society, respecting and realizing the absolute Supremacy of Women in all spheres of life.

Basic Principles

Womania Empire honours, follows and realizes these basic principles of ultra-Matriarchal society:
* Woman is superior to man in all aspects of life
* meaning of life for man is to care about Woman's comfort
* man must never cause any harm to Woman by his behavior
* man must not have any final decisive power in any case
* Woman has always a final word when deciding or judging a dispute
* man is entitled to actively participate in the Womania Empire development according to rules set by the imperial legislative
* man does not have the right to vote for the Legal norms nor perform any official state function with decisive power
* only Woman can own slaves
* corporal punishment can be performed on an adult male person by Woman only

Basic freedoms and rights
  1. Woman or Member has right to anything that is not forbidden by a Legal Norm
  2. man has right only to what is permitted by the Legal Norm or by a Woman, unless Her permission does not violate any Legal Norm
  3. slave has right to nothing, except the right to obtain Womania Stones and to abolish his slavery according to predetermined legal or contract conditions
Social constitution
  1. Womania Empire is an ultra-Matriarchal society of persons and entities operating on the basis of a feudal state with Empress as the head, who can appoint Her potential successor
  2. The ruling and supreme social class are the free Women, who can become members of the elite Imperial Nobility, Lady-Members of the Imperial Council, perform state functions, govern entrusted territories, vote for legal norms, own slaves and use all other privileges and advantages, which the Womania Empire provides
  3. The lower social class is formed by male citizens of W.E. and members of W.E.
  4. The lowest social class is formed by slaves, either state slaves or private registered slaves
Territory and seat
  1. Womania Empire does not respect any boundaries and will be taking under its administrations any appropriate territories in real or virtual world.
  2. Territories under the Womania Empire administration are in the real world territories that the W.E. owns, rents or administrate them in another form.
  3. Territory which are under the Womania Empire jurisdiction are also Entrusted Territories (Colonies) and independent state entities that will join the Empire.
  4. In the virtual space, the Womania Empire territory is understood any website that W.E. owns and / or operate and websites operated by Members who explicitly accept it on their own website.
  5. The seat of Womania Empire in real world will become a place which will be chosen by the Empress.
  6. Until the Womania Empire will have its own seat, the OWK Castle in the Czech Republic will be established as a provisional seat.
Imperial symbols
  1. To identify, represent and to declare its values, principles and priorities the Womania Empire use these Imperial Symbols:
    1. Imperial Sign
    2. Imperial Flag
    3. Imperial Seal
    4. Imperial Motto
  2. The actual appearance of each Imperial Symbols will be published on the official Womania Empire web sites.
  3. All Imperial symbols must be used in defined form and with respect.
  4. Deterioration or defamation of an Imperial symbol will be considered as a serious crime.
Womania Stones
  1. Womania Stone is a virtual value unit emitted by the Womania Empire.
  2. Womania Stone ownership is a basic condition to obtain the Womanian status, or to gain a privileged position within the W.E.
  3. By purchasing a Womania Stone, the future Womanian expresses serious intention to become a member of the society that implements the ultra-Matriarchy in practice.
  4. All details regarding Womania Stones are described in a separate Legal Norm.
  1. Every Citizen, Member, State slave or Private registered slave acquires the status of Womanian
  2. Every Womanian, as an essential part of Womania Empire, is bound to comply with the Legal Norms and contribute with Her/his activities to the development of W.E.
  3. Every Womanian, except the slaves, can claim any time and anywhere Her / his rights, that are guaranteed by Her / his status
  4. Every Womanian is under the jurisdiction and protection of Womania Empire anytime and anywhere
  5. Every Womanian can actively participate in the W.E.activities within the Legal Norms framework and authority given by Her / his status
  6. Every Womanian has the right to acquire, own, and voluntarily dispose the Womania Stones.
Goverment and Justice
  1. The Ruler of Womania Empire is the Empress with unlimited power.
  2. Advisory Council of the Empress and the deciding authority in matters of legislation is the Imperial Council composed of Womania Empire Lady-Citizens, whose powers are determined by a separate law
  3. The functioning of the state administration is provided by the Empress' Office, which is subordinated to the Empress only
  4. Right and justice among Womanians is secured by independent Imperial Lady-Judges and Authorised Court Lady Officers
  5. Enforcement of the law, executions of ordered sentences and the supervision of Law and Order is performed by the Court Executrixes
Legal Norms of Womania Empire
  1. Womania Empire is governed by its own Legal Norms
  2. Basic Principles contained in this Deed of Foundation must not be violated by any Legal Norm
  3. Any Citizen of Womania Empire is entitled to submit a proposal for amendment of a current Legal Norm or a proposal for a new Legal Norm
  4. Only Lady-Citizens of the Womania Empire are entitled to vote for amendments or new Legal Norms
  5. Every Womanian is obliged to comply with the Womania Empire Legal Norms everywhere.
  6. In a territory governed by the Womania Empire, every person is under the jurisdiction of the W.E., no matter if they are Womanians or not.
  1. Existence and development of the Womania Empire depends on permanent financial income from Womanians in the form of taxes and fees, the types and amounts are determined by separate Legal Norms.
  2. Each male Citizen, Member, State Slave, or Private Registered Slave is obliged to pay a Tax to the Womania Empire, eventually a Fee for their Womanian status.
  3. Lady-Citizens are exempted from the tax obligation, but They still have the right to support the Womania Empire anytime by a financial donation, or to pay the Citizenship Tax voluntarily.

Persistent and unchanging effort of the Womania Empire is to establish the ultra-Matriarchy as the only right social order in the largest territory.

As a part of this effort, the Womania Empire will try to get as many Womanians as possible.

Priority goal of the Womania Empire is to acquire an own residence permitting a real functioning of the ultra-Matriarchy among the Womanians who live there.

24th of May 2016

Empress of Womania Empire