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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)

Basic provisions
  1. This Law determines rules and conditions for business in the Womania Empire area (hereinafter W.E.) to persons or companies
  2. For the purposes of this Law, business means an activity in order to obtain immediate or future profit in a financial or other form
  3. W.E. area for the purposes of this Law, means buildings, land or other real estate owned, leased or managed in other form by the W.E.
Persons authorized to do business

Do a business in the Womania Empire may any adult person or company if:

  1. subject and / or way of doing business does not violate the W.E. legislation
  2. subject of the business does not jeopardize state interests of the W.E.
  3. subject and / or method of doing business does not violate laws of the relevant vanilla state, where the W.E. area is located
  4. has a valid business authorisation or business license from the Empress' Office
  5. is a Womanian according to the Law on Nationality
Business authorization
  1. Business Authorization - is necessary for a one-time business or business activity for a maximum length of 30 days
  2. Business License - is necessary to perform business activities without a time limit
  3. Authorization or Business license be issued by the Empress' Office upon the applicant's request, sent via an online form on the W.E. web sites, by e-mail or by standard post
  4. Application for Authorization or Business license must contain:
    1. name and surname of the person or name of the company who intend to do a business
    2. copy of the vanilla state tax identification number
    3. subject and place of business
    4. length of business (from - to) at the application for business authorization, or date of business start at the business license application
  5. The Empress' Office may reject authorization or business licence application, without giving any reason
Business Authorization Fee
  1. Issuing of an Authorization license is charged by one non-refundable fee, issuing of a Business license is charged by recurring annual fee according to the current tariff and this amount must be paid at the request of the Empress' Office
  2. The Empress' Office may partially or totally pardon Authorization or business License fee, especially if this business is in the interest of W.E.
  3. W.E. Lady-Citizens are exempt from the business License fees if the business is done on their behalf and on their account
Business licence confiscation

If a person authorized by the Empress' Office to inspect business subjects in the territory of the W.E. finds out that the business is not in compliance with the information stated in the business Authorization or in business License or is violating any of the W.E. Legal Norms, the person is entitled to take appropriate steps to terminate the business immediately, licence can be confiscated, including a closure of such facility.

Business without authorization

If a person authorized by the Empress' Office to inspect business subjects in the territory of the W.E. finds out that, that businessWoman or businessman is doing business without valid business authorization, the person is entitled to take appropriate steps to terminate such business and expel any persons violating the law from the W.E. territory or submit an accusation of committing a crime of unauthorized business, or other criminal offences related to unauthorized business.

  1. If there is a legitimate presumption that business could cause harm to another person or damage to the W.E. property, the Empress' Office can grant a business Authorization or business License upon a bail is paid
  2. Amount and way of payment of the bail is determined individually by the Empress' Office
  3. The bail will serve to cover any possible damage caused by the business activity
  4. The bail is refunded to the entrepreneur upon business termination based on Her / his written request addressed to the Empress' Office
Business Taxes
  1. No tax obligations against the Womania Empire arrise to the entrepreneur from business profit
  2. The entrepreneur is responsible for submitting the tax return and paying all taxes and fees resulting from his business to the authorities in respective vanilla state
Final Provisions
  1. This law becomes valid by the date of signature by the Empress of Womania Empire
  2. This law becomes effective by the day of publication on the official website of Womania Empire

Empress of Womania Empire