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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)

Basic provisions

This law defines basic requirements and conditions regarding the Imperial Council of Womania Empire and its Lady-Members.

Imperial Council
  1. Imperial Council of the Womania Empire is an advisory body of the Empress
  2. The minimum number of Imperial Council Lady-Members is three, the maximum number of Lady-Members is unlimited
  3. The basic function of the Imperial Council is to examine submitted proposals for voting sent by Womanians and to reject or approve these proposals for the voting.
  4. The approval or rejection of the proposal is decided by the voting of Imperial Council Lady-Members, which is done online via the W.E. web sites or by e-mail. This voting is organized by the Empress' Office and its results are published on W.E web.
  5. The Imperial Council itself may submit proposals for voting that are no longer subject to any further approval whether it will be voted on them.
  6. The Imperial Council provides advisory help to the Empress with decisions in any matter when the Empress asks for assistance
  7. The Imperial Council is authorized to submit proposals and recommendations to the Empress on matters relating to the functioning and development of Womania Empire, state functions, requests for mercy and other requisites
  8. The Imperial Council perform its activities in a virtual space on Womania Empire web sites and by emails
  9. Regular Imperial Council session will be held at least once a year after the Womania Empire will have its own seat
  10. Extraordinary meeting of the Imperial Council in future locations of W.E. may be summoned at a request of at least two-thirds of its Lady-Members and in order to solve essential and urgent matters relating to the Womania Empire
  11. Personal attendance at the Imperial Council is not obligatory for its Lady-Members
  12. Every voting of the Imperial Council is valid if it is attended by at least half of its Lady-Members
  13. Voting of the Imperial Council is secret and only the final result is published.
  14. Voting may be public if at least two-thirds of Lady-Members are for this form of voting. After a public voting every Lady-Member is namely mentioned together with how each Lady-Member voted.
  15. The Empress is not obliged to respect the decision of the Imperial Council voting
Imperial Counselorix
  1. A Lady-Member of the Imperial Council with the title of Imperial Counselorix will become
    1. automatically every Womania Empire Lady-citizen in a state function of Imperial Judge, Head Court Executrix, or Headmistress of the Empress' Office. Membership in the Imperial Council ends automatically when W.E. Lady-Citizen stops performing Her function unless She is a Lady-Member of the Imperial Council due to Her noble status
    2. every Lady-Member of the Imperial Nobility (Noblewoman of W.E.) for unlimited period of time if She asks the Empress for this function and the Empress satisfies Her request.
  2. The Imperial Council is externally represented by the Head Imperial Counselorix, who is elected by the Imperial Council Lady-Members for a period of 1 year
  3. The first voting of the Head Imperial Counselorix will be made when the number of Imperial Counselorixes is at least 5
  4. The Imperial Councelorix can not delegate Her authority to another person or authorize another person to perform Her function.
  5. The Imperial Counselorix is honest and unpaid function
  6. The Empress may dismiss the Imperial Counselorix from Her function:
    1. At Her own request
    2. If She has been convicted of a criminal offense or a serious crime
    3. If Her activity and behavior violates the Basic Principles of the Womania Empire as stated in the Deed of Foundation
    4. If in any way damages or harms interests of the Womania Empire or if staying in Her function is against the Womania Empire interests
Final Provisions
  1. This law becomes valid by the date of signature by the Empress of Womania Empire
  2. This law will become effective at the moment of the Imperial Council official setting

Empress of Womania Empire