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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)


Although Womania Empire is, among other things, the absolutist slave monarchy, it provides its Nationals (except state and private slaves) the opportunity to participate actively in its development to shape its form.


This participation in Womania Empire development is mainly due to the possibility to submit proposals for voting and to vote for them, as well as the right to vote for the proposals submitted by the Empress, where the Empress declares in advance that She will respect the result of the voting.

Basic provisions

This Law defines the basic terms and sets the conditions and binding rules for all features concerning submitted proposals to be voted on, voting rights, the voting process and the handling of voting results within Womania Empire

Voting rights
  1. The voting right (or just Vote) gets automatically every Womanian together with each Womania Stone which becomes Her / his ownership
  2. To every Womania Stone belongs one voting right
Disposition with Votes
  1. Votes of Private slave registered in the Imperial Registry of Slaves are in disposition of his Lady-Owner, from the day of his registration.
  2. In case of a Private slave transfer, the disposition right to these Votes is automatically transferred to the new Lady-Owner.
  3. Votes associated with Womania Stones which are owned by State slaves of the Womana Empire are blocked and can not be lent to another person nor can be used for voting
  4. In case of a State slave transfer to a Private Lady-Owner, these Votes are released in favor of the new Lady-Owner of the slave
  5. If the slavery is terminated and the State or Private slave becomes a Citizen of Womania Empire, Votes are unblocked and returned
Lending of the Votes
  1. Womanian with his voting rights can lend them to any Lady-Citizen for a period of time he had set or for unlimited time period
  2. Once the predetermined time has elapsed, Votes are returned back to their original owner
  3. The Lady-Citizen has the right to return the borrowed Votes any time back to their owner regardless the agreed period
  4. The Votes that are borrowed can not be lent further to a third person
  5. If a Womanian subsequently obtains the status of a Private registered slave, these lent Votes are immediately transferred to the Lady-Owner of the slave as soon as he has been registered. The original borrowing period is hereby canceled.
  6. If Womanian obtains the status of a State slave of Womania Empire, his Votes lent to Lady-Citizen are withdrawn and blocked, no matter how long they were lent.
  7. Lent Votes have the same value as any other Votes during the Voting
  8. Lending of the Votes can be done exclusively via an online form on the WE website, during a time period and that is from the date of proposal publication until the start of voting
Authorization to vote
  1. Voting for proposals of new Legal Norms or amendments to the existing norms of Womania Empire can only be done by Lady-Citizens of Womania Empire
  2. Voting on all other matters can be participated also by men, who are on the date of voting Citizens and/or by Womania Empire Members - if this is explicitly stated in the voting proposal.
  3. Voting for the proposals is not obligatory for the authorized persons
  4. Participation in the voting is considered an Empire-building activity and every person entitled to vote and who voted for the proposal is rewarded for this activity by positive EPS on Her / his Empire Progress Activity (EPA) account according to the valid tariff
Proposal for voting
  1. Every Citizen or Member of Womania Empire has right to submit a proposal for voting
  2. The proposal for voting shall be submitted in electronic form via an online form placed on the official web sites of Womania Empire
  3. Proposal for voting is admissible only if it contains:
    1. new Legal Norm or regulation
    2. amendment or modification of existing Legal Norm or other legal regulation
    3. new rule in the Code of Behaviour
    4. realization of territorial expansion of the Womania Empire
    5. dismissing a person in a state function
    6. program item at an official event organized by Womania Empire
    7. granting Honorable Citizenship
    8. granting an Imperial Award
    9. realizing an activity aimed at the development and prosperity of Womania Empire
  4. Proposal for voting must be submitted in English, German or Czech language
  5. Whether the proposal is rejected or approved for voting is decided by the Imperial Council
  6. If a proposal for voting is rejected, the author may submit it again, but no sooner than after six calendar months
  7. The Empress may also submit a proposal for voting, without the need of its approval by the Imperial Council
Imperial Council
  1. Imperial Legislative Council is a state authority of the Womania Empire, Whose activity consists of judging all proposals sent for voting and deciding whether or not the proposal in question is baseless and rejected or approved for voting - either without modification or after further revision or adaptation.
  2. Lady-Members of the Legislative Council (Legislative Councelorixes) vote about positive or negative decision which will be done online through the official websites of Womania Empire or by emails
  3. Author of the proposal will be informed about the result of Legislative Council decision by e-mail as soon as possible.
Reward for approved voting proposal
  1. Submitting an approved voting proposal is considered as a state-building activity and its author or authors will be rewarded with positive points in the EPA program
  2. Number of assigned EPS points is set in the current table of EPA program rewards
  3. If the proposal for a voting is rejected, there is no reward for the author
Voting process
  1. The voting period (from - to) is published for each approved voting on the official website of Womania Empire
  2. In the voting period, entitled person to vote shall choose the option "for" or "against" in the proposal and confirm Her/his choice
  3. All Votes that has the voter available during the time of voting will be used for the selected option
  4. For one proposal can be voted only once
  5. In the case of the web site malfunction or other technical problems related to the electronic voting, the Empress may decide to extend the voting time or set a different term for voting or an alternative method of voting
Result of the voting
  1. After the end of voting, the result will be published on the Womania Empire website without delay
  2. The proposal is approved if it obtains majority (more than half) of the submitted Votes
  3. Unapproved proposal can not be voted for sooner than 6 months after the original vote and shall be requested by at least five Womania Empire Lady-Citizens
  4. Every proposal approved by the voting shall take effect if, within 14 days after the end of the vote, the Empress does not veto it
  5. If the voting concerned a proposal in which the Empress declared in advance that She would respect the result of the voting, such proposal, if it is approved, is valid immediately after the publication of the voting result on the official website of the Womania Empire
  6. Valid approved proposal containing the new Legal Norm or the modification of the existing Legal Norm takes effect on the date of publication of the new or modified Legal Norm on the official website of the Womania Empire
Voting archive
  1. Texts of all voting proposal which were voted for will be published in the Voting Archive on the official website of the Womania Empire
  2. Part of the published text is the voting date, the author and the voting result including the number of Votes for and against
Non-public voting
  1. Unless it is not stated otherwise in the proposal, the voting is always a non-public (anonymous)
  2. Non-public voting means that only the total number of votes for and against the proposal will be published in the result of the voting
  3. Details of voting of particular persons in non-public voting are subject to confidentiality according to the Law on Privacy Protection
Public voting
  1. If the content of the proposal is a new Legal Norm, the voting is public
  2. Voting for any other proposal may also be public if the Imperial Council or the Empress decides so
  3. Public voting means that the result of the vote will contain a list of persons who participated in the vote, together with the number of votes they had available and how they voted
Final Provisions
  1. This law becomes valid by the date of signature by the Empress of Womania Empire
  2. This law becomes effective by the day of publication on the official website of Womania Empire

Empress of Womania Empire