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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)

  1. This law contains a binding interpretation of the specific names and basic concepts contained in the text of legal norms in Womania Empire
  2. This Act defines the basic and general terms and rules relating to Womania Empire Legal Standards
Names and terms
Legal standard
  1. Womania Empire Legal Standard is a law signed by Empress, a decree, notice or other text formulation, published among other Womania Empire Legal standards at the official Womania Empire websites
  2. Legal standard is also a notice or a regulation signed and published by the Administratrix of the Trust Territory if it has been approved by the Empress
Womania Empire
  1. The Womania Empire Teritorries in the real world are land and properties on which the Womania Empire performs a permanent or temporary management regardless whether the Womania Empire own them or not
  2. Womania Empire in the virtual world are websites, applications or mobile applications, or other virtual environment, which is run by the Womania Empire or in which is officially presented or which is explicitly declared as its virtual territory
  3. Every person who enters the Womania Empire territory in real or virtual world must be in adequate form notified to the fact that they are in a teritory under the Womania Empire jurisdiction
Member of the Womania Empire
  1. Womania Empire's national is every Womania Empire Female Citizen, every Womania Empire male citizen and every slave registered in the Registry of Slaves
Womania Empire Trust Territory
  1. The Womania Empire Trust Territory represents in real world bounded area of any size, the management and administration was entrusted to another Woman by the Empress - Administratrix of the Trust Territory - according to the Law on Trust Territories of the Womania Empire
General terms and binding rules
The scope of legal standards
  1. All persons within the Womania Empire territory are subject to Legal Standards of Womania Empire
  2. Womania Empire nationals are subject to Legal Standards of Womania Empire also outside the Womania Empire territory
Legal Standards hierarchy
  1. Womania Empire Legal Standards are subject to a rule, that lower Legal Standard must not interfere with superior legal standard
  2. Hierarchy of different types of legal standards from highest to the lowest:
    1) Personal decree or Empress' regulation
    2) Womania Empire Deed of Foundation
    3) Law
    4) Notice
    5) Regulation
    6) Notice or Regulation with limited local powers
Issue of Legal Standards
  1. Legal Standards stated in §6, letter b), number 1 - 5 can be issued by the Empress only and are signed by Her signature
  2. Legal standards stated in §6, letter b), number 6 can be issued by Administratrix of the Trust Territory upon Empress' preliminary approval and must be signed by Administratrix
  3. Originals of Legal Standards in written form are archivated in the Empress residence and in case of doubt its wording is decisive
Validity and effectiveness of legal standards
  1. Legal Standard becomes valid the day of signing by the Empress' or by the Administratrix of the Trust Territory by legal standard according to §6, letter b), paragraph 6
  2. Legal standard becomes effective the day it is published on the official Womania Empire Internet web sites
New Legal Standards and their updates
  1. The Empress can issue, cancel or amend any of the Womania Empire legal standard anytime
  2. The procedure of new Legal Standard proposals or amendments to existing legal standards by Womania Empire members is governed by the relevant provisions of the Law on Voting
Final provisions
  1. This law becomes valid on the day of signing by the Empress of Womania Empire
  2. This law takes effect on the date of publicaton on the official internet web sites of Womania Empire

Empress of Womania Empire