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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)


This Law defines conditions and rules for staying magnanimous and protects privacy, as well as personal information of registered persons on Womania Empire (hereinafter WE) websites or who are present at real WE premises in relation to third parties.

Maximum privacy protection, personal data and ensuring anonymity of all persons within the WE is one of the absolute priorities of WE.


All data concerning the real personal identity, which were submitted during internet registration, personal profile update, account setting, entering WE premises or during other events are subject of maximum security.


Maximum security according this Law means, that without the consent of the person concerned, the data will not be provided in any form to a third party. The only exception is in case of state management in each vanilla state where supplying such information can be legally claimed by authorities.


As a third party is not considered person who works for the WE, who processes such information or needs it for work.

All persons, who have access to personal information, are obliged to maintain confidential to third parties.


All imperial authorities, offices and persons who have access to personal data are obliged to keep such data in the maximum security to disallow any possible theft or misuse.


Personal data protection do not apply to cases when the person make public own identity at the publicly accessible WE websites.


When entering WE premises, every person is obliged to prove real identity by submitting ID card or passport of Her/his vanilla state.


Each person located at the WE premises can be asked to prove real identity by Imperial Guardess or other authorised person, if there is a reason.

If the person can not or do not want to prove real identity, such person can be expelled from the WE premises.

Treating confidential information by Imperial Guardess or other authorized person is subject to privacy protection and anonymity according to relevant provisions of this law


At the WE premises is strictly forbidden to take photographic or film materials depicting other person, if these persons do not agree.

In case of violation this rule, the Imperial Guardess or other authorised person can confiscate device that contains the recording.

Person, who violates this law can be expelled from the WE premises and / or may be accused of committing a crime by violating the right to privacy under the relevant provisions of the Womania Empire Criminal Law.


In order to prevent violations of this law, the host of events held at the WE premises can ban entry with device capable of making video recording or imaging.


Owner or real estate renter of the WE premises is entitled to prohibit entry to persons with devices capable of making video recording or imaging.


If the Empress Office allow to make a video recording at the WE premises, all present persons must be notified and warned about this fact, that they might appear on the recording.


a) This law becomes valid by the day of signing by the Empress of Womania Empire

b) This law takes effect by the day of publishing at the official Womania Empire websites