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which establishes


  1. This Decree establishes the Womania Empire Castle Fund (hereinafter W. E. Castle Fund) in order to collect and record the funds necessary to acquire the future seat of Womania Empire.
  2. The W.E. Castle Fund is a separate sub-account within the Womania Empire, Ltd., where are concentrated and recorded all the funds belonging to this Fund.
  3. The current status and history of the funds belonging to the W.E. Castle Fund is publicly accessible at www.womaniaempire.com to every person with the Womanian status under ยง2 letter a) of the Law on Nationality and to any person who donate in favor of W.E. Castle Fund a financial gift over 50 USD.
  4. The source of income for the W.E. Castle Fund are donations, fines imposed by the Womania Empire court, percentage of sold Womania Stones, and Castle Tax revenues (from the 1st of January 2018) under the Womania Empire Tax Law, as described in the Womania Empire Castle Fund section at the official Imperial website - www.womaniaempire.com
  5. The value of received financial gifts to the W. E. Castle Fund is recorded after deducting any payment commissions or transferring to financial or to other institutions. The amount or value that W. E. Castle Fund actually receives from the donors or other payers, is always after deducting any commissions and fees.
  6. Value of funds deposited to W. E. Castle Fund will be reduced by an amount equal to the current income tax and / or gift tax that Womania Empire Ltd. has to pay once a year (by March 31.) to the Financial Office of the competent vanilla state.
  7. All financial sources paid in favour of the W.E.Castle Fund (unless expressly agreed upon and / or stated otherwise) are considered as gifts and become fully owned by the Womania Empire at the time of payment.
  8. No special right arises for the person or entity who donate in favor of the W. E. Castle Fund (hereinafter donor), except to be familiar with the status of the Fund under point III. Of this Decree.
  9. The donor has no right to be refunded when already paid in favor of W.E. Castle Fund.
  10. The total money amount intended to acquire the future seat of Womania Empire is not precisely determined or limited.
  11. There is no time limit until when the financial resources to acquire the Womania Empire seat in the W.E. Castle Fund are gathered.
  12. If the future seat of Womania Empire is acquired for an amount less than the current balance of the Fund, the surplus of funds will be used to build, equip and / or repair these properties.
  13. The Womania Empire Empress has the right to cancel the W. E. Castle Fund if, five years after its establishment, it becomes clear that the funds necessary to acquire the seat will not be collected in this way. In this case, the funds from the canceled W. E. Castle Fund will be used to develop Womania Empire in another area.
  14. This Decree becomes valid and effective by the day of its publication on the Womania Empire website

Empress of Womania Empire

October 15, 2017