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WOMANIA EMPIRE (hereinafter W.E.)

is a society based on feudal slavery state with an Empress as a Ruler.

W.E. follows the Ultra-Matriarchy principles,
where Women are superior to men in all aspects of life.

W.E. allows active participation to persons (in a form of Citizenship for Women and men or as a registered or private slave), and also to companies, associations, foundations, production and publishing companies, web portals etc. (in a form of Membership ), whose activity is in accordance with the Basic Principles of ultra-Matriarchy in the Womania Empire concept


* Woman is superior to man in all aspects of life

* meaning of life for man is to care about Woman's comfort

* man must never cause any harm to Woman by his behaviour

* man must not have any final decisive power in any case

* Woman has always a final word when deciding or judging a dispute

* man is entitled to actively participate in the Womania Empire development according to rules set by the Imperial Legislative

* man does not have the right to vote about the Legal Norms nor perform any official state function with decisive power

* only Woman can own slaves

* corporal punishment can be performed on an adult male person by Woman only

BASIC RULES AND FUNCTIONING OF THE W.E. are determined by Imperial Legal Norms

W.E. is from the very beginning created and developed by its nationals (Womanians) in a form of new law proposals or novelizations of current laws, online voting, participating in own social network and creating its content, performing state functions, mutual economic support, career in the Empire Progress Activity program (EPA), career of a Lady Citizen in a noble status etc.

Priority of the W.E. activities is given not only to the spreading of Female Supremacy Ideology in the virtual world, but also to the realization of Ultra-Matriarchal Principles in the real life.

INTENTION AND MAIN GOAL of the Womania Empire is a purchase of own seat and territory, most likely in a form of castle or chateau with vast estates. All followers of Female Supremacy will be given a chance to live in real ultra-Matriarchal society for a short term as visitors or long term as permanent residents, servants or state slaves of the Womania Empire. The purchase (or long term rent) and commissioning of such place is conditioned by economic capability and cannot be guaranteed or specified in time.

In the meantime and after acquiring a sufficient amount of Womanians, the W.E. will at least be arranging meetings for its members on theme-oriented events taking place in rented areas such as for example the OWK Castle.

Following the Legal Norms, court trials and execution of justice is functional from the very beginning, since the W.E was founded. Thanks to the Empress' Office, Imperial Lady-Judges and Regional Court Executrixes, who secure punishment execution of the convicts in their region.

Worldwide effect in real life will also have the services for the W.E. Lady-Citizens provided by the public regional slaves of Womania Empire and by the Womania Empire network servants and slaves