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(Current version valid from June 23, 2017)


The Empire's Nobility is an elite social class in the Womania Empire.

Every Female Womania Empire Citizen can become part of this society by meeting conditions stated in this act, men's noble status is denied.

Being a Womania Empire NobleWoman means primarily active participation and responsibility for the Empire development in all areas, including participation in state power, political and economic structures. From the imperial nobility is also expected to expand the number of Female Citizens, servants and slaves, as well as to support Womania Empire in its territorial expansion in the real world.

For such work in favor of the Womania Empire expansion, the NobleWomen are rewarded according to their efforts and deeds - certan privileges, aristocratic titles, state awards or other means - either in accordance with legal norms or directly by the Empress.

Introduction to the noble state - general provisions
    The Womania Empire Lady Citizen can enter the noble status
  1. upon own request when meeting conditions stated in this law
  2. by the Empress' decision
Proposal to Noble status introduction
  1. Request for the noble status can submit every Womania Empire Lady Citizen that meets these conditions:
    1. the lenght of citizenship in the Womania Empire at least 12 calendar months. Lady applicant can shorten this period by purchasing Womania Stones - one Womania Stone for each month. In case of rejecting the application, the Lady applicant has no right to claim refundation for purchased Womania Stones.
    2. no criminal record, which means that the Lady applicant has no record in the Imperial Punishment Registry
    3. ownership of at least 5 Womania Stones. To this number cannot be counted Womania Stones purchased to shorten the period according to letter a) of this §
  2. Application for the nobble status introduction is done electronicaly through a fill in online form placed at the official Womania Empire web sites
  3. The application is approved personaly by the Empress and the Lady applicant will be notified by email about approval or rejection
  4. In case of rejection, the Lady applicant can apply again, but no sooner than 6 months from the day of rejection.
Creation of the noble status
  1. Lady Citizen becomes a NobleWoman in the moment of receiving the Noble Decree, which is signed by the Empress
  2. The Noble Decree is granted to the NobleWoman personaly by the Empress or Her Authorized Representative
    Until the Womania Empire seat is functional or in cases the personal granting is not possible, Noble Decree will be delivered to the NobleWoman by standard or electronic mail.
  3. Immediately after receiving the Noble Decree, a new NobleWoman has rights to
    1. use noble title „Marquise of Womania Empire“
    2. use own coat of arms, which was previously approved by the Empress Office
  4. At the earliest possible time after the ceremony, this fact will be reflected in the relevant registers and records both on the official Womania Empire website, as well as in the Book of Imperial Nobility
Noble titles in the Womania Empire
  1. Womania Empire noble titles hierarchy is as follows (from the lowest rank):
    1. Marquise of Womania Empire
    2. Baroness of Womania Empire
    3. Countess of Womania Empire
    4. Duchess of Womania Empire
    5. Grand Duchess of Womania Empire
  2. NobleWoman has right to use Her noble title together with Her name, which She uses in Womania Empire
Womania Empire nobility division
  1. The Womania Empire nobility is divided to:
    1. lower nobility, where belong Noble Ladies with ranks
      - Marquise
      - Baroness
      - Countess
    2. upper nobility, where belong Noble Ladies with ranks
      - Duchess
      - Grand Duchess
  2. Functions and executive powers are granted to NobleWomen in accordance with their noble title, which results from legal norms and other Womania Empire regulations
Promotion in noble hierarchy
  1. To promote a NobleWoman to upper noble rank is possible:
    1. upon request by the NobleWoman, but no sooner than six calendar months from Her previous promotion to Her current noble rank
    2. upon the Empress decision, no matter the time from the promotion to the current noble rank
  2. Promotion of a NobleWoman according to §6, paragraph 1, letter a) is the obligation of purchasing 5 pieces of Womania Stones in case the Empress approves the application
  3. Promotion of a NobleWoman is always possible by one step in the ranks of noble hierarchy
  4. The right to use new noble title begins in the moment of taking over the Promotion Decree. This decree is handed over to the NobleWoman personaly by the Empress or by Her Authorised Representative.
    Until the Womania Empire seat is functional and in extraordinary cases, the Promotion Decree can be delivered to the NobleWoman by standard or electronic mail.
  5. In the shortest possible time after the promotion of a noble title, this fact will be recorded in relevant registers on the Womania Empire web site as well as in the Book of Imperial Nobility.
Imperial nobility basic rights
  1. Lady Members of imperial lower nobility have the same rights as the Womania Empire Lady-Citizens without a noble title moreover with the folowing:
    1. right to possess and use personal coat of arms
    2. right to accept personal services from the knights of Womania Order
    3. right to apply to state functions with exceptions reserved for Members of upper nobility
  2. Members of imperial upper nobility have the same right as the Members of lower nobility moreover with the following:
    1. right to apply to state functions intended just for Members of the upper nobility
    2. right to gain and administrate autonomous territory within the Womania Empire upon the Empress decision according to the Law of Trust Territories
  3. NobleWomen have right to be accommodated preferably in the Womania Empire area
  4. NobleWomen have seating plan priority in the Empress' seat
  5. The granted priorities in paragraphs 3 and 4 of this § are ruled by the hierarchy of nobility title ranks
  6. Other rights, authorities and advantages granted to NobleWomen are parts of relevant law norms or other Womania Empire regulations
Personal coat of arms
  1. Every NobleWoman has right to possess and use Her personal coat of arms adequately
  2. Every personal coat of arms of each NobleWoman is registered in the Register of Womania Empire Nationals on the official web site and in the Book of Imperial Nobility
  3. The form of the Noble Lady's personal coat of arms is approved by the Empress' Office
  4. The coat of arms must follow basic heraldic rules of Womania Empire and must not collide with the form of other, already approved coat of arms
  5. Coats of arms of NobleWomen displayed in the Womania Empire seat are in basic form and are made exclusively by the Empress' Office.
  6. If the Noblewoman asks for making Her coat of arms, She covers the costs of the production.
End of a noble status
  1. Noble status nor title cannot be taken from a NobleWoman nor She cannot be degraded in the noble title rank hierarchy with exception stated in paragraph 2)
  2. Exception is a state, when the person is expelled from Womania Empire Citizenship according to the Citizen Law. In this case all noble titles and advantages are taken, the person is expelled from the noble status, coat of arms is removed from public places, from virtual and real world.
Heredity and transferability

Imperial noble status, title and coat of arms cannot be inherited nor transfered to other person.

Honorable noble titles
  1. Honorable noble title of Womania Empire together with honorable citizenship can be granted to any Woman by the Empress
  2. Honorable noble title does not set any rights to Her Lady Holder by §7 of this law, the only exception is §7, paragraph 3 and 4
  3. Honorable noble title holder has rights to use this title together with her name.
  4. Granting a honorable noble title is evaluation of the person, mostly for developing leadership role of Women in society, success in the field of economics, politics or culture in vanilla world.
  5. Reason to grant an honorable noble title is also Womania Empire support, development support, financial donation, other gits or in a form of purchasing bigger number of Womania Stones directly from Womania Empire
Book of Imperial Nobility
  1. The Book of Imperial Nobility is held and maintained by the Empress' Office
  2. In the Book of Imperial Nobility are recorded in written form and chronological order all data concerning:
    - introduction into the noble status
    - granting a noble title
    - promotion in the noble title rank hierarchy
    - granting the right to use personal coat of arms together with description and the coat of arms emblem
    - granting an honorable noble title
    - exclusion from the noble status
    - all other important data concerning the noble status in Womania Empire
  3. Records in the Book of Imperial Nobility is critical to verify facts or to decide in case of dispute
  4. Every NobleWoman has right to look into the Book of Imperial Nobility after previous agreement addressed to the Empress' Office
  5. Identical data are also recorded in the Register of Womania Empire Nationals on the official web sites
Final provisions
  1. This law becomes valid on the day of signing by the Empress of Womania Empire
  2. This law takes effect on the date of publicaton on the official internet web sites of the Womania Empire

Empress of Womania Empire