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Only a W.E. Lady-Citizen can become an Imperial Lady-Judge (hereinafter: Lady-Judge) of Womania Empire and is appointed and dismissed by the Empress.

Service period of the Lady-Judge is unlimited. The Lady-Judge is independent in Her decisions, She is restricted by the Legal Norms of W.E. There is no appeal against the Lady-Judge's decision, the convict may send a request for the Empress' mercy.

The Lady-Judge of W.E. decides all trials and criminal charges between persons under the jurisdiction of W.E. The only exception is the self-indictment where the judgment may also be made by the Authorized Court Lady-Official.

The number of Lady-Judges is not specified.


Authorized Court Lady-Official of Womania Empire (hereinafter Lady-Officer) is appointed and dismissed by the Empress. Her service period is unlimited. To Her competence belong judgments in cases of self-indictment and there is no appeal against Her decisions. The convict may send a request for the Empress' mercy. Court Lady-Officer can be summoned by the Lady-Judge to extremely difficult cases, especially for assistance with interviewing, securing and verifying evidence and similar actions.

Number of Court Lady-Officers is not specified.