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IMPERIAL COUNCIL of WOMANIA EMPIRE is the Empress' advisory administrative authority composed of Womania Empire Lady-Citizens.

Its basic function is to review received voting proposals, reject or approve them for voting. Approval or rejection of the proposal shall be decided by voting of the Council Lady-Members, which will be done online via the W.E. website or by email. This voting will be organized by the Empress' Office and its results will be published on the W.E. websites.

The Imperial Council alone may suggest proposals for voting, which do not need any further approval for voting.

The Imperial Council also advises the Empress on issues of further development of W.E. and in all other state matters with which the Empress asks the Imperial Council for advice.

After acquiring own W.E. headquarters there will be organized meeting of Imperial Council at least once a year with personal presence of the Imperial Counselorixes.


The title of IMPERIAL COUNSELORIX automatically acquires every Lady-Member of Imperial Coucil.

Imperial Counselorix becomes automatically every Lady-Citizen in the function of Lady-Judge or Head Court Executrix.

Any Lady-Citizen can ask the Empress for authorization to perform this function.