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Womania Empire will start using own currency in near future.

This currency will be used for payments in virtual and in real space under the administration of the Womania Empire, either within the W.E., or in mutual payments among Womanians.

We accept proposals for the currency name, which should have form to be described by 3 letters
(such as for example USD, EUR, GBP)

Proposals for the currency name, or possibly its appearance (in a form of coins) can be sent by anyone to: womania@womaniaempire.com

Several suggestions for W.E. currency name:

MAN or ROB - "rob" means "slave" in Romanian. I like the idea of offering "men" in exchange for goods
• I vote for POW, which stands for "Property of Women." FX rate should bi fixed, POW/USD = 1/100
Valda - In German, the Female name Valda means - Power; rule
Dyna - in Greek, the name Dyna means – powerful
Rhona - In Irish, the name Rhona means - powerful, mighty.
• Best name for Your coin must be DOM
• Maybe just the Womanian Dollar like the U.S. Dollar or the Canadian Dollar ???
• What about FEM ?
• "man" is a great idea! it could also stand for "Matriarchal Note".
• maybe "spit" or "spank" Another idea it could be "FeSu" or "FemSup"
New Womania Dom (NWS - or maybe NED)
• Womania Empire Dom (WED). The purpose of the names is to introduce a new currency for the Womania Empire without losing the origins - the Other World of Kingdom.
• "Womania Empire Gold" - WEG - because the new currency will have the exchange rate tied to the price of gold on world markets.
CER (a tribute to the previous hometown of owk, i think that their name was Cerna)
• In the OWK was it DOM. Now it's obvious that the new Currency Must have the Name WOM. It is also a powerful and strong Name.
Further it is Important that the Currency Must be fixed by a Strong Currency and I Would Suggest the Swiss Franc.
Amazonia Valkyrie Geld
• Maybe Valkyrie Geld or Amazon Coin
Womania Official Moneta (WOM)

About the word Moneta
"Juno Moneta, an epithet of Juno, was the protectress of funds. As such, money in ancient Rome was coined in her temple."
"The goddess Moneta who was worshipped at some locations outside Rome, was regardedas the protectress of the city's funds"
Obviously the word "Moneta" can be replaced by "Money" but I guess that would be a bit common.