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Case no:
pig giommy (+piggiommy)
Date: August 4, 2018 Authorized Court Lady-Officer:
Madame Gabrielle von Malendorf (+MadameGabrielle)
Case name: Self-Indictment of pig giommy, Italy
1) I discovered the existence of OWK 18 years ago. Since then I have always tried to hide myself to avoid being judged and condemned unjustly just for being a man who enjoyed using the female body.

2) I never accepted submission to the female law despite feeling their superiority. So I stepped on the OWK flag several times, tarnishing Queen Patricia's reputation.

3) In 2004 to demonstrate male superiority I pretended to be a master submitting girls unaware of their superiority. I used them as slaves, chaining them, punishing them, whipping them, locking them in a cell.

4) In 2005 I met at a party, where everyone knew me as dominant, a dominant woman to whom I revealed my trap of pretending to be a dominant. She told me that a right name for me should be PIG, she had advised me to give up and undergo a trial in OWK to be condemned and thus begin to serve my slavery. After she told me that a proper period of imprisonment in the OWK prison would have been 20 days at least for all my crimes, I escaped without showing me again.

5) From 2005 to 2010 I always tried not to recognize my crimes against the female gender by abusing the trust of the girls who knew me, betraying them.

6) From 2011 to March 2018 having no more news about OWK or other places where I could have been convicted, I felt safe and returned to pretending to be a Master, knowing and submitting several girls unaware of their superiority. I forced one of these slaves to urinate on the flag of OWK.

7) March 2018: I lied to the woman that I believe to be the most important person in my life. Since then my world, my masks have collapsed and I realized that my time had come to be judged and locked up in the prison of OWK to serve and free myself from all my crimes.

8) July 2018: despite the public admission of my crimes I still do not consider the feminine superiority and the reign of legitimate OWK I acknowledge myself guilty by offering myself spontaneously to the female judgment in order to be punished and educated to understand the truth.