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Name (nickname): slave mike
E-mail address: michael.ek119@gmail.com
State (country): Sweden
Town (village): Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen
Year of birth 1967
Languages – very well: English, Swedish, Norwegian
Languages – partially: German


B) Travelling - specific services for Ladies on travels:

I am usable for town / region / country (state): Europe
Time options for service - specify days and hours: Any time
As a servant/slave for:

  • my town / my region guide
  • my town / companion – accompaniment (club, restaurant, theatre, etc.)
  • luggage carrier, bell-boy
  • classic personal slave / maid
  • personal slave / holiday slave, travelling (more days)

If the Lady require my company during travelling (holiday) for more than 1 day, I am willing to cover my expences and accommodation costs etc.: Yes

Other services:
Full slavery excluding illegal activities. It is the Lady that decide on how she wants to use the slave. The slave is intelligent, keeps itself in good physical condition, can entertain both at a three star guide michelin restaurant as well as in a stable, airplane or sailing boat. The slave can cook, and have excellent taste with regards to design, food and wine.

C) Regional (local) services (mostly for Ladies who live in my region)

City / Region: Copenhagen
Town / Region: Stockholm
Time options for service - specify days and hours: Any time

  • waiter
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • ironing
  • shoe cleaning
  • gardener
  • moving
  • car washing
  • walking the dog
  • house guard
  • painting
  • electrical work
  • object for photographing / filming
  • object for relaxation – BDSM

Specify possible practices:

  • massages
  • manicure - pedicure
  • photographer
  • cameraman
  • sexual services

Other services:
Travel companion, Companion at both formal and more informal functions Business advice and start-up consulting

Specify any other services, work or what benefits can you provide for Womania Empire Lady-Citizens:
The slave can be used as a travel companion. He can sail, fly, dive, horseback ride, ski, skate, bike etc. He has survival training in the army and knows how to behave both at a formal function, a party and at home. He will always strive to make the Lady happy and satisfied.

Aditional information associated with your offer as a Public Regional Slave:
The slave is sane, has proper judgement and will serve any Lady Citizen with outmost quality and style.