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Purpose of building this worldwide network of PUBLIC REGIONAL SLAVES is to provide comfort to Womania Empire Lady-Citizens who visit the slave's region or stay there for a longer time.

The Lady can choose from the list of registered Regional Slaves and freely use the services they offer for free.

Public Regional Slave of Womania Empire shall provide his services in the region of his residence, optionally in bigger area.

The nature of services and the area where they are peformed are clearly specified in the slaves’ profile, as well a his contact details and the statement if the services are offered to any Lady or only to Lady-Citizens of the Womania Empire.

If The Lady is not satisified with the service, She can send notification to: womania@womaniaempire.com

If the Regional Slave is not Womanian, he has to pay for his registration and presentation the annual fee according to current PRICE LIST.

Slaves with the Womanian status do not have to pay the fee.