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Case no:
sub pantyboy (+subpantyboy)
Date: October 27, 2018 Authorized Court Lady-Officer:
Madame Gabrielle von Malendorf (+MadameGabrielle)
Case name: Self-Indictment of sub pantyboy, USA - Virginia
Your Excellency, I freely confess to committing the following crimes against women: 1. Ten counts approving the degradation of women. 2. One count ignoring the superior status of women. 3. Two counts disobedience of lawful orders from women. 1. On or about March 1, 2018, I. Isited the site Racy Poker and played ten games of strip poker against beautiful female opponents. I won eight games and lost two. See attached exhibit as photographic evidence or proof. 2. Disobedience (Count 1): I attempted to escape from a chastity cage lawfully applied and locked on me by a woman. I tried hard to remove the device but was unable to do so. I intended to masturbate to orgasm if the attempt was successful. The initial sentence was one year in chastity starting January 1, 2018. The escape attempt took place on March 2, 2018, on day 60. I remain locked in chastity until January 1, 2018. I have not yet been punished with additional chastity time. Disobedience (Count 2): As a result of losing a card game to a woman, my forfeit was to wear panties for three months beginning July 1, 2018. I had a doctor's appointment on or about August 7. Without asking permission, I wore male underwear that morning to the doctor's. Ignoring the superior status of women: At the conclusion of the card game when my female opponent assigned my forfeit, I argued with her that wearing panties was an inappropriate forfeit. Ultimately I relented and agreed to send pics of me in panties on demand. It was a lawful forfeit and I was wrong to argue with the winner of the game. I am willing to be punished for these crimes against women, but I cannot travel to be punished and I can not afford a large fine, though a modest fine would be alright. I respectfully request that my punishment(s) be executed locally and that large fines not be imposed. If you will forgive me for suggesting part of my own punishment, a term of supervised chastity might be appropriate. Photographic proof of compliance could be required periodically or on demand. Of course, with the two exceptions noted, I will comply with whatever punishment the court imposes. Thank you very much, Your Excellency. Respectfully, beltedpantyboy