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Number: 0025
Nickname: Yourslave2use
E-mail address: msjavik@gmail.com
Twitter: @yourslave2use
Web site URL: fetlife.com/users/924111
State (country): Norway
Town (village): Oslo
Year of birth 1976
Languages – very well: Norwegian, English

Languages – partially: German


A) Online services:

  • translations between languages: Norwegian/English
  • proofreading and corrections in language: Norwegian, English
  • internet promo services (social networks, etc.)
  • homework slave for Lady Students (specify subjects): Norwegian, History

B) Travelling – specific services for Ladies on travels

I am usable for town / region / country (state): Oslo /Greater Oslo area/Norway

Time options for service – specify days and hours: Depending on my work schedule at the time. Lady will be given my schedule to se what days i can be used and given some time notice i will try to adjust my shift schedule to meet the Ladys request/need.
As a servant/slave for:

  • my town / my region guide
  • companion – accompaniment (club, restaurant, theatre, etc.)
  • luggage carrier, bell-boy
  • classic personal slave / maid
  • personal slave / holiday slave, travelling (more days)

If the Lady require my company during travelling (holiday) for more than 1 day, I am willing to cover my expences and accommodation costs etc.: Yes

C) Regional (local) services (mostly for Ladies who live in my region)

City / Region: Oslo, Østlandsområdet(greater Oslo area)
Town / Region: Oslo, Akershus, Østfold, Vestfold +++
Time options for service – specify days and hours: i work shift hours so depending on schedule i can be of use 3-4 days a week.

  • waiter
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • ironing
  • shoe cleaning
  • gardener
  • moving
  • car washing
  • walking the dog
  • house guard
  • painting
  • object for photographing / filming
  • object for relaxation – BDSM

Specify possible practices: Anything exept gross stuff and illegal stuff.

  • massages
  • sexual services

If you do a business, or own a shop, restaurant etc, specify, which services can you offer for Womania Lady-Citizens for free or with discount and where:

i work for an airline and so i get reduced prices on tickets and hotels etc. i will offer Ladies to travel to travel with me to cities and places around the world and i offer to pay most or all cost for them plus of course to be their servant and slave during the trip.